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Our extensive and diverse range, great pricing and unbeatable service. 

Our Products 

Adhesive and labels
Adhesive Tapes.png

Adhesive Tapes

We offer a full range of Adhesive Tapes.

From the basic Packaging tape, Masking, Cloth or Gaffa up to Specialty tapes for specific applications, we’ll have a Tape in our range that will offer an adhesive solution you require. 


We stock many brands but also have cost effective equivalents to well known brands that will save you in the long run! 



Why Choose Rip-A- Labels?

Easy to use, printed, self-adhesive labels - Roll widths from 12mm to 192mm - Message lengths from 25mm to 500mm - Print up to 5 colours on different coloured backgrounds

  • No backing paper means rolls do not unravel

  • No mess or paper waste in the warehouse, factory or truck

  • Waterproof with a high tack adhesive

  • Excellent heat, U.V. and ageing resistance.

Stretch Wrap & Cartons
Stretch Wrap Films.png

Stretch Wrap Films



We stock an extensive range of Hand/Machine Stretch Wraps.


From the standard 20/23/25um but also very high-quality films at 12/15um that are manufactured here in Australia and extremely cost effective.

Whether it’s a standard stock carton, heavy duty moving carton or a specific carton manufactured to your requirement, Bandco Packaging will find a solution to all your carton needs.


With Bandco Packaging creating a more environmental and sustainable approach moving forward, all our Cartons/Cardboard products are manufactured from recycled materials.

Protective Packaging.png

Protective Packaging

Bandco Packaging offers an extensive range of protective packaging materials.


We have endless options for air bubble cushioned protection that can meet all your requirements. From a roll slit and perforated to custom Bubble Bags or Cushioned Mailers. 


Wrapping Machines

Our expertise in the successful supply and implementation of packaging machines will bring additional value to your organisation and provide an increased level of efficiency throughout your packaging output.


Proctective & Wrapping

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